International Film Premiere & Honourable Mention @ DOK Leipzig 2017- International Competition



 (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)


On october 31st, our documentary “The Congo Tribunal” had its international premiere in the International Competition at DOK Leipzig 2017. With more than 800 people in the audience and a crowded second screening one day later, the film has been on of the most popular documentaries during this years’ festival (>1000 viewers and an additional 3rd screening as “DokBuster”). The Frankfurter Neue Presse stated: “A monumental performance sending a wake-up call to the global community.” During the Award Ceremony on Saturday, 04th november, the jury of the International Competition (Anne Clark, Heddy Honigman and Luciano Rigolini) awarded the film with a “Honourable Mention”:

For the intelligence that the filmmaker used to construct a filmical device (with the precision of a Swiss watch!), enabling us to understand the intricate situation in today’s Congo. Using a theatrical setting for a fictional tribunal process he creates not only an intense cinematic dramaturgy but also invents a pedagogical concept, giving us the possibility to read clearly the responsibility of the Multi-nationals and Western and Congo governments for the massacres of thousands of people. It is an important, necessary and militant work.




Due to the great rush, one additional screening was arranged as a "DokBuster" on Sunday the at the 60th International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated film. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)


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