Our production „BELTRACCHI – THE ART OF FORGERY“ (directed by Arne Birkenstock) has its theatrical relase in the US this august. The documentary, which has received the German Film Award „LOLA“ last year, will run at New York Film Forum from august 19th until september 1st at 12:30, 2:40, 4:50, 7:15 and 9:30 every day. In Los Angeles the film starts at Laemmle Theatres on august 21st and will be screened daily at 12:00, 2:20, 7:40 & 10:00. Other cities and theatres will follow.

For the opening night on august 19th at New York Film Forum, the well known art critic and author Blake Gopnik will discuss with Arne Birkenstock after the screening. Director Birkenstock will be present for Q&As in New York on august 20th and 21st and in Los Angeles on august 22nd, 23rd and 24th, alsway for the screenings at 7:40.

60 Minutes called Wolfgang Beltracchi a “con man of epic proportions” and dubbed him and his wife Helene, “the Bonnie and Clyde of the art world.” For nearly 40 years the charming and effervescent Beltracchi produced hundreds of meticulous works of art, forgeries of early and mid-20th century artists, using old canvases and distressed frames scoured from flea markets and paints whose pigments he ground himself. Amazingly, he didn’t reproduce known paintings, but, working in an artist’s style, would create entirely new “masterpieces.” A large Max Ernst that took him three days to produce could sell for $5 million. Beltracchi was put on trial in 2011, but readily admits that the handful of forgeries he was held accountable for are just the tip of the iceberg. Many others sit in some of the world’s greatest art museums and private collections. This documentary captures his unique personality: a bizarre mix of candor and cunning, insouciance and joie de vivre.

The film is brought to the US by KimStim.