"The Congo Tribunal" soon to start in Bukavu

"The Congo Tribunal" - the newest theatre and film-project of award winning director Milo Rau will start on may, 28th with an international hearing in Bukavu. In a coproduction with Langfilm and the IIPM, Fruitmarket covers exclusively this historic event for a theatrical documentary and a transmedia platform directed by Milo Rau.  

In the form of a tribunal with an international cast and filmed on-location in Eastern Congo and in Berlin, the theatre & film project “The Congo Tribunal” examines the causes and backgrounds for the war now ongoing for almost 20 years in the Great Lakes region. The result is a humanly harrowing, profound analytic tableau of the neo-colonial world order.

Our team is shooting in the Congo since the beginning of may for the third time. The Bukavu hearing will be covered by seven cameras in the historical colonial college of Bukavu and will be followed by a further hearing in the Sophiensäle in Berlin.