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After the red carpet the team gathered for a picture. (@2018 The Night of all Nights / © Concorde Film)


On the 28th of March, our documentary “The Night of all Nights” had its World Premiere at the historical cinema „Lichtburg“ in Essen. Accompanied by the german couple that is portrayed in the movie, the sisters Yasemin and Nesrin Samdereli, directors and authors of the film, enjoyed the night together with the crew, family and friends and a very responsive audience. 


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The historical cinema "Lichtburg" in Essen was filled with a very responsive audience for the world premiere of "The Night of all Nights". (@2018 The Night of all Nights / Arne Birkenstock)


The film has its official cinema release on the 5th of April in Germany!

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Screenings and exhibitions in Denmark, Holland, Lagos, Austria, Belgium,              Poland, Spain, Italy and France

Film will be a model for real tribunals in the DR CONGO

Milo Rau’s spectacular reenactment project moves around the world. The film will be screened at numerous festivals like CPH:DOX, Movies that Matter, IRFF Lagos, and many more. The exhibition with VR-installation, interactive Webproject, Hearings and more moves on to the Stroom in The Hague, where it will be shown from march, 10th until april, 8th.

But the most striking development of this project is, that lawyers, human right activists and journalists want to use the film as a model to establish real regional tribunals in the DR Congo in order to stop impunity and give room for truth and justice! The filmmakers support them and already raised 100.000 for a project, which is supported by SIMONETTA SOMMARUGA, Federal Councilor for Justice (CH), WOLFGANG KALECK, founder of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and jury member of the Congo Tribunal (GER), CHANTAL PEYER, Head of the “Business and Human Rights” department, bread for al (CH)l, R. NIKOLAUS BERGER, Judge at the Federal Supreme Court (GER) and many others.

LET’S CREATE TWO, THREE, MANY CONGO TRIBUNALS! If you want to support us, please do so and join the campaign here!




"And with all the horrors shown in the film, it is important to me not to lose sight of hope. If ‘The Congo Tribunal' has proved one thing, it is that the truth can be found, no matter how complicated the connections are. And justice is possible, here and now. We just have to establish it."

Milo Rau, Director „THE CONGO TRIBUNAL“

When Milo Rau realized the "Congo Tribunal" in Bukavu in 2015, the country was shocked: two ministers were dismissed, with its motto "Vérité et Justice" ("Truth and Justice"), the theatre tribunal became the hope for change in a region suffering from a civil war that had lasted for over 20 years. And when the epinomous documentary was presented to the Congolese population in the summer of 2017, the reactions were overwhelming: thousands of Congolese had come to see the film. "This film is the latest cry for help: Rise! What are you waiting for?" said a spectator to one of the accompanying journalists. For Denis Mukwege, winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize, director of the Pansi Hospital (Bukavu), it is a film "invaluable to our country."

Now, the "Congo Tribunal" is the first art project ever to become an institution: Together with a group of Congolese and international lawyers, human rights activists and journalists (e. g. Sylvestre Bisimwa, Solange Lusiku, Jean-Louis Gilissen, Colette Braeckman, Harald Welzer, Wolfgang Kaleck), we are continuing the fight against impunity in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which began with Milo Rau's international touring film & installation "The Congo Tribunal". The aim is to set up and establish an institution in Eastern Congo that will deal with mass and economic crimes in the region using a series of local civil society tribunals along the lines of the "Congo Tribunal" (2015/2017). In order to support the planned tribunals financially, in terms of content, organisation and logistics, the association DOCTIVISM collects donations. This NGO was founded by Fruitmarket, Langfilm and the IIPM.

The campaign "Let's Create Two, Three, Many Congo Tribunals" will officially be launched on March 9th at the Academy of Arts  (Berlin) in the presence of the chief investigator Sylvestre Bisimwa, jury member Wolfgang Kaleck and director Milo Rau.

The campaign is supported by numerous institutions and personalities, among them the Swiss secretary of justice, Mrs. Simonetta Sommaruga and the German federal Judge, Dr. Nikolaus Berger.

Ending impunity in Eastern Congo is an exhausting, tedious process. A comprehensive investigation of the mass crimes committed during the civil war has to date been undertaken neither by national nor by international courts. Exploitation of the raw materials, which are irreplaceable for Western industries, continues to be accompanied by resettlement, conflict and violence.

For The Congo Tribunal, Milo Rau has assembled the victims, perpetrators, witnesses and analysts of the Congolese war in a unique civilian tribunal in eastern Congo. And what seemed impossible was achieved: All parties involved – the government, the opposition, the military, rebels, international mining groups, local miners, farmers, victims, perpetrators/culprits, human rights activists and experts on globalization – took part and testified in the publicly held tribunal.

The success of these symbolic hearings was resounding because for the first time in two decades, a protected public space was created in which the victims of displacement, expropriation, rape and murder were able to raise their concerns and accusations and have been heard by regional and national governments as well as by a local and international audience.

Since the first Congo Tribunal, the victims of mass crimes and the civil society in the provinces of North and South Kivu continue to demand justice and an independent and impartial tribunal. In 2018, the internationally renowned lawyers Jean-Louis Gilissen, criminal defence lawyer and victim’s representative at the International Criminal Court, and Sylvestre Bisimwa, Congolese human rights lawyer, intend to establish a form of continuous civil society legal investigation of human rights violations at local level in order to support the plea against impunity on a national and international level.

Several local tribunals (five are currently planned) are being set up at various locations of past mass and economic crimes in eastern Congo. Their task is to collect credible evidence of the crimes and to call for prosecution of the perpetrators. So that the victims of the civil war in eastern Congo can have a voice and the truth about past crimes can be heard.

We want to support the planned tribunals financially, in terms of content, organisation and logistics, because we are convinced that they will help pave the way for peace.

On our information pages we explain what exactly happens with the donations and who is behind Doctivism - and we are looking forward to your support!


THE CONGO TRIBUNAL @ 68th Berlinale



Milo Rau’s documentary „THE CONGO TRIBUNAL“ will be screened at 68th International Film Festival Berlin. After being screened on Locarno, Leipzig, Solothurn and other festivals and after receiving the Zurich Film Award and being nominated twice for the Swiss Film Award, the film will be shown on February, 20th at 2pm and on February 21st at noon. Both screenings take place at the Delphi Lux Cinema (Kantstrasse 10, 10623 Berlin). On the 20th, producer Arne Birkenstock will be present for a Q&A after the screening. The film is part of the LOLA@Berlinale program, where all films are screened, which are preselected for the German film awards „Lola“. Access to the screenings for accreditated guest and members of the German Film Academy only. 


Another public screening will take place at the Babylon Berlin Cinema (Rosa Luxemburg Strasse 30, 10178 Berlin) on February 23rd. This screening is open to the public!


There will also be public screening in Berlin will take place on March, 9th in the „Akademie der Künste“ (Academy of the arts) in Berlin, followed by a panel with Milo Rau (Director), Klaus Theweleit (Cultural theoretician), Fiston Mwanza Mujila (Author), Sylvestre Bisimwa (Head investigator, The Congo Tribunal ), Wolfgang Kaleck (ECCHR) and Dorothee Wenner (Curator).




Yasemin und Nesrin Samdereli wurden heute Abend von der Bayerischen Staatsregierung für ihren Dokumentarfilm „Die Nacht der Nächte“ mit dem Bayerischen Filmpreis ausgezeichnet. (@2017 Die Nacht der Nächte / Arne Birkenstock)


Mit „Die Nacht der Nächte“ haben die beiden Schwestern einen komischen und anrührenden, einen unterhaltsamen und tiefsinnigen Film über die Liebe gemacht. Mit überraschender Offenheit erzählen ihre Protagonisten von Sex und Moral, Liebe und Gesellschaft, Kindern und Partnerschaft. Die preisgekrönte Animationskünstlerin Izabela Plucinska ergänzt dieses dokumentarisch starke Material mit Knetanimationen, in denen sie ihre eigene tragikomische Interpretation dieser Geschichten und die Protagonisten selbst zum Leben erweckt.

„Die Nacht der Nächte“ wurde von Fruitmarket zusammen mit S2R Film in Koproduktion mit Ratpack, Westside und Drife und mit Unterstützung der Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, dem Deutschen Filmförderfond, der Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, der Filmförderungsanstalt und der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien produziert. Für ihren ersten Dokumentarfilm arbeiteten die Samdereli-Schwestern u.a. mit dem Dokumentarfilmer Arne Birkenstock zusammen, der den Film für Fruitmarket produzierte. Fotografiert wurde der Film von dem preisgekrönten Dokumentarfilmkameramann Marcus Winterbauer, die Editorin des Films war Mechthild Barth.

Der Bayerische Filmpreis gehört zu den höchstdotierten und begehrtesten Auszeichnungen seiner Art in Deutschland und wird seit 1979 auf Vorschlag einer unabhängigen Jury verliehen, um die Bedeutung des Kinofilms als Kulturgut herauszustellen. Die Jurybegründung lautete wie folgt: "Den beiden Filmemacherinnen ist es auf wunderbare Weise gelungen, eine respektvolle Nähe zu den Menschen vor der Kamera aufzubauen und zwar über alle kulturellen Barrieren hinweg. Herausgekommen ist eine Ode an die Liebe."

„Die Nacht der Nächte“ wird am 5. April im Verleih der Concorde bundesweit in den Kinos starten.




After it´s successful tour and cinema release in Germany and Switzerland, as also receiving awards (honorary mention @DOKLeipzig, Zurich Film Prize, Preselection German Film Prize), Milo Raus film and interactive project launch their international career: It begins with the International Festival in Rotterdam, where the film will be screened on the 26th of January (3:30pm, Cinerama 6) and on the 28th of January (10:15pm, Kino4).


There will be a screening at the „BOZAR“ in Brussels on the 29th of January at 8:00pm followed by a discussion. The director Milo Rau, the RTBF-journalist Wendy Bashi and representatives of the european parliament are to be expected at the screening.


On the 7th of February there will be a a screening of "THE CONGO TRIBUNAL" followed by a discussion with Bob Kabemba at the ATTAC , a political Nonprofit Organization in Liége. 


On the 13th of February the cultural center STUK will launch it´s art- and culture festival „ARTEFACTS – This rare earth“ featuring „THE CONGO TRIBUNAL“. Our interactive project, the virtual reality installation as well as the recordings of all tribunals and the responses from Congo will be exhibited (The exhibition can be visited daily from 2pm until the 1st of March).  The movie „THE CONGO TRIBUNAL“. will be screened at 8pm on the 21st and 22nd of February at the cinema ZED-STUK. Followed by the film the director Milo Rau will answer questions of the audience on the 21st of February.


The VERA cinema Groningen will show the movie "THE CONGO TRIBUNAL" on the 20th of February.


On the 10th of March the exhibition will move to the STROOM in the Hague, where it will be presented until the 8th of April. The movie will also be screened at the Filmfestival „Movies that Matter“ (from the 23rd -31st of March).


International Film Premiere & Honourable Mention @ DOK Leipzig 2017- International Competition



 (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)


On october 31st, our documentary “The Congo Tribunal” had its international premiere in the International Competition at DOK Leipzig 2017. With more than 800 people in the audience and a crowded second screening one day later, the film has been on of the most popular documentaries during this years’ festival (>1000 viewers and an additional 3rd screening as “DokBuster”). The Frankfurter Neue Presse stated: “A monumental performance sending a wake-up call to the global community.” During the Award Ceremony on Saturday, 04th november, the jury of the International Competition (Anne Clark, Heddy Honigman and Luciano Rigolini) awarded the film with a “Honourable Mention”:

For the intelligence that the filmmaker used to construct a filmical device (with the precision of a Swiss watch!), enabling us to understand the intricate situation in today’s Congo. Using a theatrical setting for a fictional tribunal process he creates not only an intense cinematic dramaturgy but also invents a pedagogical concept, giving us the possibility to read clearly the responsibility of the Multi-nationals and Western and Congo governments for the massacres of thousands of people. It is an important, necessary and militant work.




Due to the great rush, one additional screening was arranged as a "DokBuster" on Sunday the at the 60th International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated film. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)


See all Award winners here




 (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)


Accompanying to the International Premiere of the film, DOK Neuland, the interactive section of DOK Leipzig which is dedicated to the future of storytelling, showcased our transmedia exhibition “The Congo Tribunal” for the very first time. Displayed at Messehof, 3000 guests visited the exhibition during five festival days and experienced the VR installation, the game WITNESS J and discovered the web archive, where the Hearings in Bukavu and Berlin are presented. The Congo Tribunal Transmedia is funded by the TURN Fund of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes, supported by BPB – Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung and the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius.




3000 people experienced the VR Installation during the five festival days in Leipzig . (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)




 (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)


Doublestrike for "The Congo Tribunal" @ DOK Leipzig

We are proud to announce that our film "The Congo Tribunal" is selected for the "International Competition". The transmedia project is part of the "Official Interactive Selection" and will be shown @ DOK Neuland, DOK LEIPZIG plattform for interactive projects. 

Screenings of the film:

31.10.17 19:30 @ Cinestar 8

01.11.17 22:30 @ Cinestar 6

For tickets click here

The transmedia project will be shown from:


12:00-20:00 DOK Neuland @ Messehof

 free entry. For more information visit





Numerous People rushed into the Casinò Lugano to experience the first public screening together with the film crew. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

On august 6th, our documentary “The Congo Tribunal” had its World Premiere at the  „Semaine de la Critique“ in Locarno. Presented by director Milo Rau and the whole production crew, the sold out screenings attracted the attention of a major audience. Accompanied by the Tribunal President Jean-Louis Gilissen, Jury Member Colette Braeckmann and presidential candidate Vital Kamerhe, the film encouraged further widespread discussions. And even Simonetta Sommaruga, the swiss minister of justice, who attended the premiere, stated afterwards: „As a modest measure, the Federal Council proposes that in the future, commodity companies will have to disclose their payments to state governments. “

"The film "The Congo Tribunal" is an overwhelming document and a complex analysis of the conditions in that country on the African continent that has such an abundance of mineral resources and is therefore characterized by a brutal neo-colonial spirit.

Brigitte Häring, Semaine de la Critique




Due to the great rush, two additional screenings were arranged at the 70th Filmfestival del Locarno. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

On the occasion of the first public screening, the SZ wrote: “The film pushes the audience directly into the horror”. The WOZ commented: “The Congo Tribunal” is an extensive intervention into reality, which is not terminated yet.” And the Blog Lost Dramaturgin International proclaimed: „See this film! If nothing else, see this film, because what it says is so so important.” Milo Rau explained to the Schweizer Radio SRF: „The film made the impossible possible. The government has been accused, two ministers had to step down. The people realize: Change is Possible.”

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During a seven day visit, director Milo Rau and his team toured around the Democratic Republic of Congo for previews of his film „The Congo Tribunal“. The five screenings were packed and several experts praised the project as a „model“ for real tribunals in order to end impunity and start a process of reconciliation in the country, which is troubled by twenty years of civil war leaving 6 million people dead. 


„Packed screenings, followed by long and emotional discussions: Previews of„The Congo Tribunal“ in the DRC (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

„Packed screenings, followed by long and emotional discussions: Previews of„The Congo Tribunal“ in the DRC (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

The discussions after the screenings seemed to be an outlet for the audience to express their problems, worries and sacrifices during the last years. The audience also expressed their hope that the artistic project by Milo Rau will have a judicial follow up in form of “real” tribunals in the country. Maitre Sylvestre Bisimwa, the Congolese lawyer who performed as a prosecutor in the “Congo Tribunal”, proposed exactly that and asked the filmmakers to provide him with a Swahili version of the film as soon as possible in order to organize local screenings and discussion as a preparation for local tribunals.


Belgian journalist Colette Braeckman, lawyer Maitre Bisimwa, director Milo Rau and the producers Arne Birkenstock and Olivier Zobrist during a press conference in Bukavu. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Patricia Corniciuc)

Belgian journalist Colette Braeckman, lawyer Maitre Bisimwa, director Milo Rau and the producers Arne Birkenstock and Olivier Zobrist during a press conference in Bukavu. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Patricia Corniciuc)

Director Milo Rau was deeply touched by these reactions to his film: “I was a bit afraid to show the film to its protagonists, since a 100minute version of a tribunal which lasted for several days always means a harsh reduction of events. I am relieved that people here reacted  thoroughly positive and I find it wonderful that Sylvestre Bisimwa wants to use it as a model for the upcoming path to reconciliation, truth and justice in his troubled country”. Fruitmarket CEO and producer Arne Birkenstock added that he wants to provide the country with Swahili-versions of the film as soon as possible. Birkenstock, being a documentary director himself, added: “It is a rare thing that documentary filmmakers not only manage to describe reality but also to change it to the better. We will do our best to support Mr. Bisimwa in his effort to put up real tribunals throughout the country.” 


Director Milo Rau was deeply moved by the strong and positive reactions to his film. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

Director Milo Rau was deeply moved by the strong and positive reactions to his film. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

The tour started with a preview in front of 1500 people in the place, where the Congo Tribunal took place in 2015: The screening at Collège Alfajiri in Goma was attended by Deputy Governor of the province of Kivu Sud, Gabriel Kalonda, the presidential candidate of the oppositional UDP, Vital Kamerhe and other experts and representatives of the region. For another screening in the village of Mushinga, hundreds of peasants and artisanal miners, who are directly affected by the close by concession of the Canadian mining company BANRO and the consequential expulsions and conflicts, attended the screening.


Milo Rau waiting for the screening in front of peasants and artisanal miners in the village of Mushinga. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

Milo Rau waiting for the screening in front of peasants and artisanal miners in the village of Mushinga. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

After a third screening in the rebel town Walungu, the team returned to Bukavu where they were invited to screen the film in the world famous Panzi Hospital of Dr. Denis Mukwege. Due to the huge interest the screening raised, it had to be moved to a nearby church, where 3000 people attended the preview. In the discussion after the screening, Mr. Mukwege praised the film as a “important and priceless contribution to our country”. During a last screening in Goma, Daniel Ruiz, Chef de Mission of the UN in the region, stated that the outcome of the film overcame his highest expectations and encouraged Bisimwas idea, to establish “real” tribunals on a local level throughout the country.


Famous Dr. Denis Mukwege praises “The Congo Tribunal” in the discussion with Director Milo Rau, presidential candidate Vital Kamerhe and the Belgian journalist and expert on the congo, Colette Braeckman. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

Famous Dr. Denis Mukwege praises “The Congo Tribunal” in the discussion with Director Milo Rau, presidential candidate Vital Kamerhe and the Belgian journalist and expert on the congo, Colette Braeckman. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

“The Congo Tribunal” will have its world premiere at the Semaine de la Critique at the Locarno Festival and is invited to several other festivals throughout the world, before its theatrical release in Germany and Switzerland in November. With the film, a huge transmedia site will be released, which contains the graphic novel game “witness J”, an abundant archive (“the Congo files”) and a virtual reality installation.


Sneak peak in Eastern Congo

Once again, Milo Rau, Arne Birkenstock and his team are off to the Congo. This time to give participants of the documentary "The Congo Tribunal"a first sneak peak. 

In 2015 the team spend several weeks in the Congo on a lengthy local research with the camera, going after the question why have more than 6 Million people been killed in the Congo … almost unnoticed and no one has been held accountable for it? A fact that incited the Swiss theatre director Milo Rau to stage a tribunal and to shoot a documentary. For the first time witnesses, victims as well as politicians get to see the documentary … we will show their reactions here in the next days. 


MAMACITA selected for DOK.Incubator 2017

Among 7 other projects, DOK.Incubator has selected MAMACITA by José Pablo Torrescano for this years workshop. Experts from europe and the US will participate as mentors and focus on dramaturgy, distribution and marketing. 

Since the foundation of DOK.Incubator, various projects of the workshop have been placed at relevant festivals such as Sundance, IDFA or HOT DOCS.

The FIlm is a Fruitmarket Arts & Media production in Co-Production with Taskovski Film. 

For more information about this years workshop visit: