Numerous People rushed into the Casinò Lugano to experience the first public screening together with the film crew. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

On august 6th, our documentary “The Congo Tribunal” had its World Premiere at the  „Semaine de la Critique“ in Locarno. Presented by director Milo Rau and the whole production crew, the sold out screenings attracted the attention of a major audience. Accompanied by the Tribunal President Jean-Louis Gilissen, Jury Member Colette Braeckmann and presidential candidate Vital Kamerhe, the film encouraged further widespread discussions. And even Simonetta Sommaruga, the swiss minister of justice, who attended the premiere, stated afterwards: „As a modest measure, the Federal Council proposes that in the future, commodity companies will have to disclose their payments to state governments. “

"The film "The Congo Tribunal" is an overwhelming document and a complex analysis of the conditions in that country on the African continent that has such an abundance of mineral resources and is therefore characterized by a brutal neo-colonial spirit.

Brigitte Häring, Semaine de la Critique




Due to the great rush, two additional screenings were arranged at the 70th Filmfestival del Locarno. (@2017 The Congo Tribunal / Arne Birkenstock)

On the occasion of the first public screening, the SZ wrote: “The film pushes the audience directly into the horror”. The WOZ commented: “The Congo Tribunal” is an extensive intervention into reality, which is not terminated yet.” And the Blog Lost Dramaturgin International proclaimed: „See this film! If nothing else, see this film, because what it says is so so important.” Milo Rau explained to the Schweizer Radio SRF: „The film made the impossible possible. The government has been accused, two ministers had to step down. The people realize: Change is Possible.”

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