Just another Day in Paradise

- in post-production - 

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Cinema Documentary, Germany 2015, 90’

What is it giving our life sense and meaning? We are all on a quest asking ourselves: Can we find our own paradise on earth? But there is no paradise without the snake and with it temptation. The longer we live in paradise, the more it grows and the day will come when our life in bliss will just be another day in paradise and we start seeking out the snake.

Maya Reichert and Lucia Scharbatke found a place in September 2013 that comes incredibly close to our imagination of what paradise and hell might look like: Fogo, the island of fire, a part of Cape Verde. It's inhabitants: people who life on black magma on the crater of the volcano, hidden by a thick non-transparent wall of fog when it rains. And the people in the lower City who witness the island turning into a florent green by tropical plans when the rainy season starts. Our protagonists represent the different social classes in Fogo, the indegenous people as well as the european immigrants. People leaving a touching impression.

But what if suddenly hell breaks into paradise?

Written & directed by Maya Reichert and Lucia Scharbatke

DoP - Marcus Winterbauer

Producers - Maya Reichert, Lucia Scharbatke and Arne Birkenstock

A production of Kaamos Films, Reichert & Scharbatke Filmproduction in co-production with Fruitmarket Arts and Media

Supported by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and Hochschule fuer Film und Fernsehen München