Daniel Libeskind

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Cinema Documentary, Germany 2016, 90’

The documentary Architecture as Invention takes us on an adventurous journey into this universe of possibilities. Architect Daniel Libeskind and the filmmaker Michael Madsen together go on a quest to discover the source of artistic creation. What drives them is the question what our world and our future might look like if we let our human imagination run wild.

Just imagine - had Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa differently,&would the history of art have been written differently? Would the famous First Movement from Beethoven‘s Symphony No. 5 follow a different structure and melody would our thinking about Classical Music today be the same? Moreover, if the Empire States Building had risen to the sky as a completely different architectural structure, would New York be the same city we know today?


Written & directed by Michael Madsen

DOP – Wolfgang Thaler

Producers – Christoph Pasour, Martin Hagemann, Michael Esser, Arne Birkenstock

Produced by Dramaworks GmbH and Fruitmarket Arts & Media